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What Would You Like to Know?

How long does it take to match a family with a nanny?

Personalized nanny placement takes two to six weeks to find the perfect candidate but we strive for sooner.

What does your vetting procedure include?

Our vetting process for candidates start with a detailed search of requirements to fit the description of a professional nanny. We then invite selected candidates to a telephone interview. Followed up by a telephone interview (If they meet requirements). A face to face interview is then conducted followed by the invitation to complete a company application. Then we conduct a detailed background and professional reference check. 


Background check covers

Seven year criminal history, national criminal database and national sex offender registry SSN Trace and name trace, national criminal database search, sex offender list search, domestic watch list search, seven year count criminal record search (up to three countries. Motor and Vehicle check for driving nannies.

Extensive background check available at clients request. 

What is the going rate for a full-time nanny?

The rate for a nanny is depending upon service location and experience required. Again, experience and duties set the tone for the final monetary outcome when seeking a nanny and or sitter.


Pay and Payroll

Nannies are considered to be household employees, therefore we recommend that families use a payroll company. Please checkout one of our preferred partners at Homepay. You can get a free estimate of services and learn more at 

  • They even help families with direct deposit, W-2 forms. Payroll made easy!

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